La digitalisation de l’éducation : 12 porteurs de projet potentiels recherchent des partenaires

12 organisations recherchent des partenaires pour déposer leurs projets dans le cadre d’appels à propositions à venir :

  • Erasmus+ (action clé 2 ou 3)
  • ou Horizon 2020 (appel ITC Learning and skills)

Propositions de partenariats : 

  1. Virtual Classes - Kent County Council
  2. Tablets for classroom inclusion and differentiation (TABLIO) - PXL University College
  3. Intelligent learning environment for the acquirement of 21st century research skills - KU Leuven Campus Brussels
  4. Use of mobile devices for schooling of young refugees for faster language acquisition and career guidance - Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports Baden-Württemberg
  5. From qualification framework to online course - School Community 1 Antwerp
  6. International multi-level Monitoring system for blended learning practices - KU Leuven
  7. Learning for work : Relevance and quality of non-formal and informal learning acquired on social Networks as a profit tool for employability and growth of labor market - Empreend
  8. Researching alternative learning environments to help students succeed and achieve graduation - University College Ghent
  9. Digidemocracy in school - University of Jyväskylä, Department of Teacher Education
  10. Creative, collaborative improvisation with technology to support learning and innovation - University of Jyväskylä & Agora Center
  11. The Game of Democracy - Ghent University
  12. The effective use of using mobile devices in teaching and learning math, science and foreign languages - ​Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports Baden-Württemberg